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Friday Favorites

It has been hot, uncomfortably hot, in NYC this week and so that definitely means no oven and a lot of fresh summer fruits and is a Raw Vegetable Salad recipe that I am definitely going to be making all weekend.


Book: My French Country Home will be available August 8 on Amazon and is available for Pre-Order now. This is the eagerly awaited second book from Sharon Santoni, the author of the popular blog, My French Country Home.


New York City Ballet pincipals, Sara Mearns and Joaquin De Luz, developed this routine after a series of injuries. It's designed "so no muscle is strained and no muscle is underused."


This is a great list, that may be even worth printing out, of the 25 Habits of Successful and Extremely Happy People...

#1. They savor the moment.


Here are 10 Home Furniture and Decor Items on Sale Now...


Right now, Everything is 50% off at are a few of my favorites



And a great article about how changing your mindset can change the world...3 Ways to Change the World With Your Wonder Woman Mindset

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