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Friday Favorites

Crunchy Salty Lemony Salad

It has been hot, uncomfortably hot, in NYC this week and so that definitely means no oven and a lot of fresh summer fruits and is a Raw Vegetable Salad recipe that I am definitely going to be making all weekend.


Book: My French Country Home will be available August 8 on Amazon and is available for Pre-Order now. This is the eagerly awaited second book from Sharon Santoni, the author of the popular blog, My French Country Home.


How to Get Dancer Fit: 7 Toning Workout GIFs From New York City Ballet

New York City Ballet pincipals, Sara Mearns and Joaquin De Luz, developed this routine after a series of injuries. It's designed "so no muscle is strained and no muscle is underused."


This is a great list, that may be even worth printing out, of the 25 Habits of Successful and Extremely Happy People...

#1. They savor the moment.


Here are 10 Home Furniture and Decor Items on Sale Now...


Right now, Everything is 50% off at are a few of my favorites



And a great article about how changing your mindset can change the world...3 Ways to Change the World With Your Wonder Woman Mindset

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