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Midlife Downsizing and Adding Color

photo: LA Times

photo: LA Times

I recently came across the article that accompanies the above photo in the LA Times..."Downsizing to a rental means a brighter, more colorful life for this KTLA new anchor"...and it reminded of my move a year and a half ago into my current 700 sq. ft. rental after I sold my 1,300 sq. ft. Brooklyn loft.

I refused to put anything into storage, so before the move I had re-home, among many things, three couches, a table that seated ten and belongings that had been collecting in the loft for over ten years. I eliminated a great deal from my life and the week before my move I became ruthless at letting, except for the rare pang, I don't miss a thing.

I also related to the desire to bring color and light into my new space, after letting go of the old.

Here are some similar items as in the article and most are currently on sale:

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