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Friday Favorites

According to Glamour, Sally Hansen Terra Coppa Nail Polish "looks amazing on everyone"! I would show you how it looks on my own nails, but they look atrocious right now. I don't know about you, but weakening nails have definitely been an issue for me since I hit 50 and I have been researching and experimenting with different solutions. I am looking forward to sharing my results and findings with you soon!


I love to put one of these candles in the bathroom to fill it with the smell of roses.




"Okja", a Netflix original movie is completely brilliant and heart-warming. But, I have to warn you, it might turn you into a vegetarian. The title refers to Okja, a super pig adopted by a young girl...and they have an adorable relationship, that is until the execs of a greedy corporation reveal that the pig was breed to be a revolutionary new food source...oh no! If you have Netfilx, this movie is a must see.


And, right now, all Hot Weather Styles are 40% off at Loft from 7/7 at 12am - 7/9 at 5pm EST.

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