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An Evening at the Museum

Friday night I enjoyed a lovely summer evening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, starting on the Roof Garden Cafe. I was having such a good time I neglected to take more than one picture, but if you are in NYC, a summer evening on the Met Roof is a must.

Scroll to the bottom for some ideas on what to wear...

Don't know what to wear to your evening at the museum? How about gold, with a crisp white blouse and a romantic gathered a heroine, just back from an exotic archeological dig in Egypt or China.

After staying too long enjoying the sun and drinks with friends on the roof I only had time to catch one exhibit, and that would be Age of Empires since it is closing on July 16th. If you are in NYC and haven't seen this show, I highly recommend that you book it over to the Met, it is not to be missed.

The exhibit features over 160 objects of ancient Chinese art of the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 B.C.-A.D. 220).

"We love life, of course, all the details: sparrows in the forsythia; books and lamps and late-night coffee; the voice of a friend on the phone. The ancient Chinese loved it, too, and wanted it to last forever. China’s first emperor believed it might.

He viewed death as a kind of power nap, from which he’d awake refreshed in a tomb that was like an earthly home, but better, more fun. He designed his mausoleum as an underground Mar-a-Lago, with countless pavilions, great feng shui and a major security force. For light, there were candles, the most expensive money could buy, guaranteed to keep burning after he’d moved in — he died in 210 B.C. — and the doors had shut for the last time." NY Times review

The exhibit includes the jade burial suit of Dou Wan, a Han princess, and five out of the army of 7,000 life-size terra-cotta soldiers discovered in a field by farmers in 1978.

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