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A Simple Morning Routine

I have a morning routine that is a little time consuming. I am not a morning person, but this last year I started getting up every day, including on the weekend, around 6:30 because I have found that I feel more positive when I get up early and complete a few rituals, including meditation, before I start the day. Recently I took on a job that made it difficult for me to keep up with this routine and, without fully comprehending what was happening, I started to feel off track in my life... finally, I realized what was missing and when I started meditating again I almost immediately felt refocused.

Day Begins

Alarm goes off at 6:30, kiss my dog Georgie good morning, leave him in bed, stumble to the kitchen where I drink a glass of filtered water while I brew a cup of indulgence, I love it and I'm addicted.


Next, I head straight to the couch for meditation. I have meditated on and off many times over the years; I have followed gurus, gone to many weekend long meditation retreats, but my all time favorite, which I have been practicing every morning for around 3 years, is Dr. Wayne Dyer's sound meditation for manifestation.

I start by taking out a notebook that I keep by the couch, I write 5 short positive manifestations I want to meditate on and visualize for myself. Then I begin the meditation by listening along to the late Dr. Dyer...find a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, and listen along to him here on YouTube.

Work Out

Next, I work out for thirty minutes, either in my building's gym or, I do the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Omnicentric in my apartment while I watch the news.

Green tea and shower

I get dressed and get my pup up. We eat together, we both love vanilla yogurt and blueberries...just a taste after he eats his own food of course.


There's nothing like a 30 minute morning walk with your fur child to start the day. If we have time, a couple a days a week, we try to make it to the park near our apartment to take in some nature.

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